Memorial Day Visualizations

Hope everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend! While this holiday is mostly spent by¬†barbecuing, traveling, and spending time with friends and family, let’s not forget that the true spirit of the holiday is to commemorate our fallen heroes.

People and organizations across the internet have created their own data visualizations that show different perspectives of Memorial Day, from CO2 emissions from traveling to war casualties. There are many ways to visualize the same type of data; here are some interesting visualizations that I found:

BBQ Grill Growth Trends from TIBCO Spotfire:

TIBCO Spotfire’s vice president of marketing, Mark Lorion, created this dashboard of the growth of BBQ grill trends, and wants you to answer this question: charcoal or gas?

Memorial Day CO2 Emissions from GE:

Data visualization of CO2 emissions on Memorial Day

GE created this visualization to compare the amount of CO2 emissions on Memorial Day from driving standard, hybrid, or electric cars. Looks like we can reduce CO2 emissions by 2.9 million metric tons if we all switched from standard cars to electric cars!

War Casualties from CNN:

CNN created a visualization that shows the number of deaths and injuries sustained in Afghanistan and Iraq, and compares it to their home locations in the US.