Radiation Crisis Visualized

With the enormous amount of news coverage on the radiation crisis in Japan, the information can become overwhelming and even incorrect. It is easy for reporters, journalists, bloggers, etc. to throw out raw data, but can be difficult for readers to fully understand.

Thankfully, powerful data visualization tools can help represent the data in forms that are easy to grasp. I hope that as data visualization becomes fully mainstream, reporters and journalists will feel compelled to present more accurate data and in the right context.

Here are some insightful visualizations that paint a clearer picture of the situation in Japan:

The map below was created by Geir Engdahl, a self-employed mathematician, using data scraped by Marian Steinbach. The data is updated every 10 minutes; stay up-to-date at http://gebweb.net/japan-radiation-map.

Radiation Levels Visual Map

From the New York Times:

New York Times, Radiation Visualization

Here is a radiation dose chart to put these numbers into perspective:

There are a ton of other visualizations out there. If you find more, share them in the comments section!

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