It is an incredibly exciting time in the tech world. New technologies emerge everyday, and each can have significant impacts on all of us. The most fascinating of them all is the world of data visualization and social network analysis, or advanced visual analysis. Whether you’re a marketing firm conducting social network analysis for market intelligence, a telecommunications provider doing network monitoring,  or an individual creating fun visualizations to see Netflix rental patterns, advanced visual analysis can be delivered the way you need it.

Visual Insights, the official blog of Tom Sawyer Software, is the central place for data visualization enthusiasts to exchange opinions, ideas, and knowledge about data visualization. The topics focus on both the technology and the impacts it has on business and society.

Because this community is an open forum for idea exchange and debates, I encourage everyone to contribute through comments or by submitting blog postings to me to be featured on this site. The conversations that take place here are intended to be energetic, insightful, and proactive, so all comments and posts will be reviewed to ensure the community stays relevant and enjoyable for everyone.

Thanks and enjoy!

Andrew Tom
Visual Insights Moderator