Hi everyone,

It’s been a crazy past month, so sorry for the delay – I just recently attended the Counter Terrorism Expo in DC and noticed some themes that were similar to DoDIIS in Denver, so I wanted to comment briefly on both of these events. Two common themes include:

1.    Solutions that converged infrastructure and collaboration and

2.    How to deal with Big Data and what analytics tools should be used.

Coming off of the recently thwarted al-Qaeda threat, counter-terror issues took center stage with discussions led by many high caliber intelligence officials. As I anticipated, these were perfect venues to discuss how visual analytics can help the variety, velocity and volume of data that is being collected these days. There were many questions regarding how to build visualization applications from Big Data and why graphs are the most effective ways to find patterns/behaviors in the context of cybersecurity and cybercrime. Exhibiting alongside were vendors from the “Information Supply Chain” including database, storage, case management and analysis solutions.

Together, different companies can partner together to provide a complete solution set that takes in this Big Data, analyzes it and visualizes to where we can understand it. As I was also fielding questions about our launch of Tom Sawyer Insights, our partnership program, it was the perfect opportunity to explain how visualization solutions often involve collaboration with other companies to produce the insights that enable decisive action. To analyze a network of relationships in Twitter, for example, we have to have first store the data, filter through the raw data, and then display it in the graph-based images that help us understand what’s going on. The growing demand to understand Big Data especially in government and cybersecurity industries has further reinforced that graphs are no longer just “nice to have” but rather one of the most effective ways to reveal patterns that matter and should be part of any analyst’s toolset.

That’s all for now and feel free to comment!


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