iPhone Tracker

It seems like a new trend in data visualization is emerging, one that focuses on visualizing geo-location usage data collected by smartphones. There has been a barrage of these applications popping up lately, which could make some people either excited or  incredibly uncomfortable.

An application that has gained newfound attention is iPhone Tracker by Alasdair Allan and Pete Warden. No doubt that your iPhone stores your geo-location usage data and is stored on your computer when you sync the devices; but what’s shocking is how easily “crackable” this file is. Allan and Warden’s open source application goes through your computer, finds that file containing the location data, and plots it on a map. I wonder if you can filter by time, day, or week alone?

Turning off my iPhone location services in 3…2…1.

[iPhone Tracker via FlowingData]

Update 4/26/11:

I played around with the iPhone Tracker app this past weekend and it is incredibly easy to use. You just download it and it works immediately. When you press the “play” button, it shows your location history on a day-t0-day basis. The original iPhone Tracker only supports Mac OS X 10.6, but you can download one that supports Mac OS X 10.5 and 32-bit processors here, which is what I used.


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