Where Did My Tax Dollars Go?

In 2009, the IRS raked in a whopping $1,175,422,000,000 in individual taxes according to their site. So where do all our tax dollars go? The most common question is answered in interactive, compelling, and visual ways that break down how our tax dollars are spent via Google’s Data Viz challenge.

With over 40 entries, Anil Kandeangath took the crown and was awarded as the grand award winner for his app, “Where Did My Tax Dollars Go?

In the end, our jury selected Anil Kandangath’s “Where Did My Tax Dollars Go?” as our Grand Prize winner. As the jury noted, his entry is information-rich but elegantly designed, and at no point while interacting with the visualization do you lose the “big picture.” Anil’s entry is a great example of how data visualization can take boring, complicated, but critically important information and make it accessible to everyone. Congratulations, Anil. 

Check out other finalists and honorable mentions to get a different perspective on how your tax dollars are spent.


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