This is Creepy: Visualize Your Privacy

A new app called Creepy has been getting a lot of attention around the web recently, and with good reason. Creepy, a geolocation information aggregator app, gathers public information from social networking sites like Flickr and Twitter to pinpoint the exact location of an individual. Creepy downloads every photo and tweet someone has ever posted, and the user’s location at that time can be visualized on a map.

Visualization of your geolocation check-ins

The most chilling insight you can draw from this map is the patterns that emerge. Chances are, you are likely to update your social networking sites with photos from your smartphones, computers, or tablets wherever you are. When this data is visualized on a map, clusters of the places you frequent most begin to form – where you like to hang out, eat, friend’s house, work, movie theaters, parks, the list goes on.

In an interview with thinq, Creepy creator Yiannis Kakavas explains that his motivation behind this app was to raise awareness about privacy in social networking platforms, and for social engineers to find ways to improve it. Kakavas says that people should “understand what someone with malicious intentions can do with their publicly-shared information, no matter how much they think they share.”

Intrigued or creeped out? Either way, you can download the app at This software package is currently for Linux or Windows.



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