Deloitte’s Top Tech Trends 2011

In Deloitte’s top Tech Trends of 2011 report, data visualization is named as one of the (re)emerging enablers. Representing complex data in simple visual forms that are easy to communicate is nothing new; but up until recently, some data visualization tools that enterprise and government organizations are using have stopped short.

So what’s new in 2011?

Users can explore their data in new ways with emerging technologies such as mobile devices, tablets with multi-touch interfaces, and cloud computing –mixed with awesome features like interactivity, animation, intuitive touch functions, link analysis, and predictive modeling. These new types of visualization technologies enable you to proactively discover new insights, unlike the static and passive views in many visualization technologies in the past. This holds true especially with the growing amounts of unstructured data such as e-mails, tweets, text messages, Facebook posts, and so on. Visualization will be crucial for organizations needing to organize and draw correlations in relationships among these types of data.

Another difference in 2011 is that the underlying architecture has evolved. Visualization technology can now handle large-scale data, and the end result will still be intuitive and easy to analyze to enhance decision-making. Further, these technologies will be designed with the business end-user in mind, rather than requiring users to have a deep knowledge and understanding of the underlying data structures and SQL.

Read Deloitte’s full report.


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