Welcome to Visual Insights

Welcome to the Visual Insights blog, a platform designed for data visualization enthusiasts to share their opinions, anecdotes, and experiences. Here, you will discover new insights on how the latest data visualization trends are impacting businesses, life, and society as a whole.

Because this community is an open forum for exchanging ideas and debates, I encourage everyone to contribute through comments or submitting blog postings to me to be featured on this site. The conversations that take place here are intended to be energetic, insightful, and proactive, so all comments and posts will be reviewed to ensure the community stays relevant and enjoyable for everyone.

The rules are simple:

  • No personal attacks. The purpose of the blog is to freely discuss and debate ideas, so please do not personally attack any individual or organization.
  • No spamming. Please do not use this as a channel to sell products and services.

Thanks for visiting my blog. Enjoy!

Stella Lau
Visual Insights Moderator


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